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Solveiga Mykolaityte Announced To Her Fans The Official Album Release Date.

Solveiga Mykolaityte Announced To Her Fans The Official Album Release Date.

Solveiga Mykolaityte announced album release date

Solveiga’s beauty and talent as a supermodel earned her massive recognition, and now she aspires to earn the same recognition in music.

The more we speak about how certain women have taken over industries and fields, the more we feel the need to talk about them. This is because they have shown what they truly stand for and how worthy they are of attaining all that they choose to lay their hands on. In addition, these women professionals have been laying the foundation for many other budding talents across fields and have been inspiring them through their stories, journeys, and the experiences they have lived in their lives. Doing exactly that is a young, and breathtakingly beautiful supermodel turned musical artist named Solveiga Mykolaityte.

Solveiga Mykolaityte is more than what meets the eye. Apart from the luminous face and the perfect physique she has, which has helped her become the supermodel she is from Lithuania, she has also spellbound people with her rising talents in music. It won’t be wrong to say that Solveiga Mykolaityte has always been a creative soul and for her hunger to create uniqueness, first, she jumped into modeling, faced many hardships, but overcame them all and finally became a supermodel. Now, she wants to go all in to create waves in the world of music.

Why music? We asked to which the young beauty replied, “Why not? When I feel passionate about something, I do not fear getting all into it. Just like I had heard my inner voice when I had ventured into modeling as a teenager, I am listening to what my intuition and heart are telling me today and following it to create my career in music as well.” Adding further, she says, “A creative soul needs a creative outlet, now whether it through modeling on a ramp, or in a music studio recording something; most importantly, an artist is an artist always,” she explains.

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Though it was a tough call for Solveiga Mykolaityte, she did what she wanted to and now is leaving no stone unturned to hone her skills in music, sharpen her musical knowledge, improve her tonal qualities, pitch, and range, and put in every possible effort to become a refined musical artist in the industry.

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