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Ace musical artist Diego Montana releases his first album titled “Panorama”.

Ace musical artist Diego Montana releases his first album titled “Panorama”.

The album features many prominent artists and is made with the aim to impact the community in a positive light.

The kind of momentum and success certain industries have earned today goes to show the kind of relentless drive, passion and determination with which individuals and professionals have worked to take their industries to greater success levels. This is easier said than done, but the ones who have done it have proved their mettle and inspired many other budding talents across the world. Doing exactly that in the world of music is a rising musical artist, a record label and production house owner Diego Montana, who has spellbound audiences with his versatile talents and his madness for music.

Yet again, Diego Montana has garnered headlines, and this time, it is all the more special because he has released his first album, “Panorama”. Panorama stands special for one more reason, and that is the pure intention with which it has been made. Through the album, Diego Montana aims to impact the community in a positive light.

Panorama is engineered by Jeffrey McCulloch and Max McCulloch, and it features major artists like JRDN, K Koke, Rondawg, C-Sick and many other exclusive artists. Diego Montana has shown his excellence as a performance artist, director, producer and songwriter and now, with the upcoming album, he is ready to create newer records in his career.

Diego Montana can’t contain his excitement as it is his first album on all platforms, and it is a golden record. The unique sound is hip-hop melodic from Diego Montana, who is an ace Iraqi Spanish mixed artist. The ace musical artist who feels heavily for his community said that this album is dedicated to his fallen friends from his community who were lost to gun violence.

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Diego Montana also serves as the CEO of DreamCatcherRecords and has his production house named Diego DCfilms. Since he was a child, he was drawn towards the music world and, over the years, explored different genres like R&B, hip-hop, and Rock and consistently honed his skills in music.

The musical artist is ready to take over 2022 and create more magic in music. Till then, follow him on Instagram @dcdondiego.

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