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Creating a legacy of his own in the entertainment world is LaMar D. Mackey.

Creating a legacy of his own in the entertainment world is LaMar D. Mackey.

Lamar D mackey.

He owns “W.I.D.E. Open Entertainment LLC” and has stunned audiences with his talents as an actor, film producer and director.

Art is perhaps the only thing in this world that has the power of making individuals realize their inner light and give them a purpose and a reason for joy. Creative individuals need a path to express themselves more deeply, and what better than art to do that. The art world, be it writing, painting, performing arts, music, or anything else, consists of so many art lovers and impeccable talented beings across the world. Standing tall among them is one such lover of art, LaMar D. Mackey, who has shown what it really takes to become one’s best version in the entertainment industry as a man of many talents, both on and offscreen.

LaMar D. Mackey is the one who has been making a lot of buzz around himself in recent times with the kind of work he has been doing as an actor, film producer and director. He has worked with major networks like Amazon Prime, doing projects like Daddy’s Girls Club, Hunger Pangs and films like Pure and Pure II. Some of his other films include The Working Relationship, Take That, Race to the Finish, The Romans, Black Malice, Best Man Holiday, The Purge 4 and Him and Her, which he directed and produced, under his production company “W.I.D.E. Open Entertainment LLC”. However, LaMar D. Mackey is more than what meets the eye; he is also a licensed barber for film productions. He has his barbershop, “RazorSharp”, located at the famous eclectic Hertel Ave in North Buffalo.

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LaMar D. Mackey was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, and at only 11 years, he had realized he had acquired the gift of cutting hair. He was always known for his dressing sense, laid-back demeanour, and fresh haircuts in high school and college. At 19 years, while he did majors in Business Management at Buffalo State, he fell in love with acting as he performed at an acting, modelling and singing conference in Orlando. This eventually landed him with multiple roles in independent films and series. Even as a master barber, LaMar D. Mackey has worked on the big-budget film “The First Purge”, which ignited the fire in him to do more and be more in the entertainment space. That is how he also got into writing, film production, directing and producing. LaMar D. Mackey aims to gain many more exciting projects and challenge himself as an actor, director and film producer.

Till then, do follow him on Instagram @w.i.d.e.open_ent.

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