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Taking risks and prospering as an outstanding multipreneur and musical artist is Brxce Wvyne.

Taking risks and prospering as an outstanding multipreneur and musical artist is Brxce Wvyne.

He has made the most of the opportunities and even created newer ones to make waves as a successful professional.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we realize how certain professionals and entrepreneurs faced challenges yet pushed the envelope to reach the exponential levels of success they enjoy today in their respective industries. Being fearless is one of the reasons why certain individuals have gone ahead in tasting their definition of success. We came across a real story of a man who walked the path of hurdles and negativities and still chose to become his best version, overcoming them all and imprinting his name in the list of successful multipreneurs. He is Derek Harvey, now called Brxce Wvyne, who once lived a gangster lifestyle and now has taken the fashion and media space by storm with his astute entrepreneurial skills.

Brxce Wvyne is today seen as a rising MC and business mogul, who grew up in the trenches, but used his hustler’s ambition that he developed on the streets of Watts, Inglewood, and Compton to turn his life in a positive direction and serve as an inspiration to his generation and the younger generations to follow.

Brxce Wvyne knew that to achieve something big and to lead a happy life; one has to fearlessly keep moving forward and work around one’s skills and talents consistently. That’s what he did and entered the world of fashion and media. Today, this man has co-founded a clothing brand named “Trapwoodz” with his business partner and serves as the CEO. He mentions that the world TRAP is the story of his life and an acronym which stands for “Take Risk and Prosper”, which is exactly what he is doing at this stage in his life.

Music was another space that he felt a great inclination for, and as any other aspiring musician, he realized that studio time and video shoots costed huge money. Considering this, he borrowed a page out of the late-great Nipsey Hussle’s playbook and bought his own production equipment, and founded his very own media company, “Shooterz Media”.

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Brxce Wvyne, who grew up in the notorious hoods of Watts, Compton, and Inglewood as a member of the Piru Bloods under the tutelage of his uncle as his mother was an addict and father in and out of jail, completely transformed his life, thriving off of his hustler mentality. He now holds a clear vision for years to come to attain much more as an entrepreneur and musical artist, to market his music to prominent platforms.

He advises other youngsters to keep hustling and working around their passion and, most importantly, offer something unique to stand apart. To learn more about him, follow him on Instagram @brxcewvyne (

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