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Tate Modern Invites People To Scratch The Floor For A New Exhibition But Removes Rough Graffiti.

Tate Modern Invites People To Scratch The Floor For A New Exhibition But Removes Rough Graffiti.

Tate Modern

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  • They keep quiet, and no one gives up on the masterpiece priceless.

A group of people around each other: people of all ages can freely draw on Mega Please Free Draw by artist Ei Arakawa – Paul Quezada-Neiman / Alamy Live News. But starting Saturday, the new Tate Modern exhibition, which invites visitors to draw on the gallery floor, will be tasked with observing the images if anyone involved tries to obscure the type of dirty graffiti behind the toilet gallery. Door.

People of all ages are welcome to paint on the floor of the 500-meter-high turbine hall at the London Art Gallery for a project called Mega Please Draw Freely, created by Japanese artist Hey Arakawa. However, the gallery admits they were a little nervous about what some might draw.

While attendees can “draw free” everything in terms of freedom of expression, gallery employees will be ready to quickly cover up childish additions or even offend art projects for the sake of other visitors.

Tate said that “the room is monitored by his family team,” who will also control the flow of people in and out of the turbine room. If they “pay attention to offensive content that can negatively impact our young audience,” this addition to the gallery floor is “explained as far as possible.

The principle of the project “Please paint freely” is to allow visitors to express creativity. Their own, and there are no rules that dictate what can be painted or written on the floor. The same principle applies to the series of publicly available banners at Tate and hung successively in the gallery every Monday for six weeks of installation.

Tate will not restrict political statements on the floor or banners to combat potentially offensive scratches or images and encourage the public to express their views. This will, of course, be done as much as possible, and offensive political imagery such as the swastika will be banned to ensure that the project remains fully inclusive.

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A spokesperson for the gallery said: “Tate’s goal is to create a space for artists and their work by providing a space for public debate where freedom of expression is encouraged. “Given our young audience, we wanted to ensure the spirit of the project was positive and inclusive.”

“Mega Please Draw Freely” was inspired by the earlier “Please Draw Freely” project created in 1956 by the late artist Jiro Yoshihara to undermine the conformism of postwar Japanese thought.

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