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Yassin Bey As Thelonius The Monk in biography, but real estate claims project not allowed.

Yassin Bey As Thelonius The Monk in biography, but real estate claims project not allowed.

Yassin Bey

Key Sentence:

  • TS Monk, son of the legendary jazz musician, said the family “condemns the attempt.”

Yassin Bey fka Mos Def was chosen as the legendary jazz musician Thelonius Monk in the biographical film “Thelonius.” that the project is not authorized.

According to Variety, the project is being led by Alberto Marzan and Peter Lord Moreland through their imprint on the Jupiter Rising Film. Moreland is also writing a script that will focus “on [Monk’s] struggles for musical success, mental illness, and the spiritual love triangle between his wife, Nelly, and one of the richest women in the world, Nika Rothschild.

“This role required great depth and a unique understanding of who and what Thelonious Monk was and how his lasting impact can still be heard in the music world today,” Marzan said in a statement. “When I met Yassin, I realized we had found our Thelonius. When I was 13/12, I told my mom that I would one day be in Sports Illustrated Swim after seeing Tyra Banks on the cover.

The moment when a circle closes “In times of sadness, sadness, deep love or confusion, I look for answers in nature. I have learned to breathe and adapt. It has come.” Tinashe is preparing for Cribs’ return to MTV to expand her coveted place in swimwear. I am esteemed to be the first to tell this important story in such an epic way.”

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T. S. Monk, son of Thelonius and chairman and co-founder of Rhythm-A-Ning Entertainment, the company Thelonious Monk Estate, told Pitchfork that the film was shot without permission from the mansion. “This project and its announcements are completely illegal! I hate the script and control of the music in Thelonious catalog,” TS wrote in an email. “No one in the Monk family was involved in this project, and we condemn the attempt.” Elsewhere in the music, Kanye West and Drake crush their beef.

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