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Dorothy Milone Adds Some Extra Ingredients With Spicy New Single

Dorothy Milone Adds Some Extra Ingredients With Spicy New Single

Dorothy Milone has been making music and performing on stages throughout the D.C.-metropolitan area for a few years, but the group seems more fierce than ever now that we are in a post-pandemic era. “Sugar & Spice” is the title of the girls’ most recent single, and the music video accompanying it masterfully captures the essence of the song’s lyrics. The wide range of colors used along with the extraordinary outfits the Dorothy Milone members wear in the video will make it hard for any viewers to look away even if just for a moment. Pride in one’s womanhood is clearly a major component of both the song and video. Women around the world will be forced to jam “Sugar & Spice” this summer as they flaunt their beauty, intelligence, and overall excellence just as Dorothy Milone does.

It seems evident that Dorothy Milone took a little inspiration from the Powerpuff Girls with this new single. Sugar, spice, and everything nice were the necessary ingredients to create the perfect girls. Dorothy Milone may not have been able to get their hands on Chemical X the same way that Professor Utonium did, but a little black girl magic seems to be all that’s necessary to help these girls soar to new heights. In the meantime, music lovers should look forward to yet another super-powered Dorothy Milone production. These girls certainly haven’t showed us all of the tricks they have up their sleeves. 

Sugar & Spice

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