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Nicki Mazwai Replied, “Zuma Is Zero Related To” White Degradation Crimes That Happen EVERY DAY.”

Nicki Mazwai Replied, “Zuma Is Zero Related To” White Degradation Crimes That Happen EVERY DAY.”

Nicki Mazwai

Key Sentence:

  • Frank Poet Nicki Mazwai has joined the controversial dispute over the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma.
  • On social media, Nicki shared a blog post on Monday calling for Zuma’s release from 15 months in prison for disagreements with the Constitutional Court.

In the publication, he said that “the decision of the Constitutional Court tore our country to pieces.” Although he doesn’t monitor the State Detention Commission regularly, he says he’s still excited for the day. Mazwai said he did not understand why Zuma was arrested for violating the court, according to Judge Zondo’s testimony.

He also raised questions about South Africa’s constitution and justice system, saying the “Constitutional Court’s approach” was wrong, “that it should “let the old man go free and speak to his people.” Read the full blog post here.

Mazwai also shared on Twitter that Zuma’s alleged corruption was nothing compared to what some of the country’s wealthiest white businessmen were doing. He said, “If you had to unscrew a white corruption case, you would be disgusted. Zuma is nothing compared to the real economic crimes that happen EVERY DAY.”

Determined to become a rapper, Ntsiki Mazwai has hired a mega-producer to help make his dream come true. Ntsiki recently returned to the studio after a long school period and confirmed to TshisaLIVE that he would be releasing a hip-hop track this weekend.

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“I just finished working on a song that I think is going to be pretty awesome. It was a different rap song because I never thought I would make rap music again,” he said. Nicki said he left music two years ago due to a lack of opportunity but recently contacted the record company to release a song. In the end, he agreed, only to find out that they wanted to make a rap song.

“I heard the rhythm and immediately realized I had to add a few bars. I haven’t raped in years. I was originally designed for rappers, but then got blocked by other elements is the perfect time to get back to that side of music,” Nicki said. To show his seriousness, Ntsiki teamed up with well-known producer KB, who has produced hits for Boom Shaka, Thembi Seete, and Zola.

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