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Yungeen Ace Talks The Truth On ‘Who I Smoke’ While Addressing Julio Foolio Beef

Yungeen Ace Talks The Truth On ‘Who I Smoke’ While Addressing Julio Foolio Beef

Yungeen Ace

Key Sentence:

  • Yungeen Ace got the most significant hit of his profession when he dropped “Who I Smoke” close by FastMoney Goon, Spinabenz, and Whoppa Wit da Choppa.
  • The four rappers had no clue the melody would be a hit after maker Drilltime Zani concocted the beat for them.

All they knew was they were going to rap over a melody made well known to the Black people group through the 2004 film White Chicks.

“Who I Smoke” turned into a moment viral hit getting 8.6 million YouTube sees right around fourteen days after the music video dropped. The melody turned into a backbone all over web-based media as fans utilized the track to scenery different recordings on famous applications like Twitter and TikTok.

An interesting aspect regarding the melody is how it flips Vanessa Carlton’s 2002 introduction hit single “A Thousand Miles” into a gruesome frolic fest brimming with firearms and brutality, and fans can’t get enough. The melody is mainstream to the point that Yungeen Ace and Vanessa Carlton are even companions due to it.

“We haven’t scuppered presently [laughs]. However, we’ve gotten on like two, three calls,” Yungeen Ace told HipHopDX. “We’ll message as well. It’s insane the amount she upholds us. She is truly cool, brother. I didn’t anticipate that she should be, however cool as she seems to be. She needs to get in the studio with me when our timetables clear up, and I need to accomplish something with her on the piano and her singing a capella.”

But even though the melody raised his ubiquity and discovered him an impossible companionship, “Who I Smoke” isn’t the sort of music Yungeen Ace needs to keep doing. He’s accustomed to making “shoot them up” records, however as he keeps on developing as a craftsman, he needs to show more to his music than simply firearms and viciousness.

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“I’m flexible, and individuals figure everything I do is drill music like this man, or like stuff like that,” Yungeen Ace told HipHopDX. “I don’t actually like that kind of music. However, I can make it. I can discuss life; I can discuss torment. I can discuss, young ladies. Anything you name, I could discuss it, yet the world loves negative poop.”

Expert proceeded, “They don’t post when I do great, yet they’ll post the terrible poop. ‘Who I Smoke’ shoots up 100 million perspectives; however, another melody like ‘Surrendering’ where I’m not discussing poop like that, it’s anything but an incredible tune, gets 20 or 50 million perspectives. It gets baffling, particularly when you attempt to do useful for your city.”

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