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IZ*ONE Reunification Talks Say They Have Fallen And Mention The Breakdown Of Negotiations.

IZ*ONE Reunification Talks Say They Have Fallen And Mention The Breakdown Of Negotiations.

IZ*ONE reunification

Key Sentence:

  • “Until recently, we spoke with the agency and left various options open for consideration.
  • Ongoing calls to K-Pop girl group IZ*ONE’s collection were dropped, according to new reports.

South Korean media TenAsia said in a news report that talks with CJ ENM – the media company that owns Swing Entertainment and Off The Record, both of which have run IZ*ONE during their time together – have failed. The publication does not mention the breakdown of negotiations.

However, a source from CJ ENM later confirmed to E-Daily that plans to restart IZONE had been canceled. “Until now, we talked with the agency and left some options open, but [IZONE’s collection] ended up failing,” they said in translation by Soompi.

IZ*ONE comprises various label members formed by the reality competition Produce 48 on a two-and-a-half-year contract from October 2018 to April 2021. The 12-person act includes interns from several South Korean agencies as well as two Japanese agencies.

Last month, CJ ENM confirmed that the relevant agencies of the IZ*ONE members were discussing the possibility of reforming the girl group. “While we are discussing with the member’s agencies and leaving various options open, nothing has been decided yet,” Soompi said in a translation.

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This statement was followed by an update from the Parallel Universe Project – which was financed by several fan initiatives looking to restart girl groups – to update supporters that they had received “positive” responses from various agencies of IZ*ONE member K-Pop action reunions.

It is reported that CJ ENM has also contacted various former IZ*ONE members’ agencies to discuss a possible resumption in May 2021. The restart plan is that it will include potential concerts in Korea and Japan and two new digital singles.

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