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Courtney Love Cries As She Performs A Moving Cover Of Britney Spears’s “Lucky.”

Courtney Love Cries As She Performs A Moving Cover Of Britney Spears’s “Lucky.”

Courtney Love

Key Sentence:

  • Courtney Love brings a heartwarming acoustic -Cover for Britney Spears’s 2000’s song “Lucky” as part of their ongoing cover series.

The former Hole singer took to Instagram on Saturday (July 3) to share his thoughts on the ballad appearing on Spear’s second album, Oops! … I did it again. The cover came shortly after The New Yorker published an in-depth article on Spears’ conservatism that included a quote from Love.

“Someone asked me which song I was going to edit next. I don’t have a guitarist, so yeah, “Lyubov starts with a pink-haired video, pointing to himself.” It was written by one of those fantastic old Swedes – a guy – and it’s like B-sharp 7.

Who knows I’m not—. Okay, let’s just give it a try.” The ballad’s performance turned out to be emotional for Love, who also mirrored “California Stars” Billy Braggs and Wilco as part of their series. “I cried,” he says at the end of the video. “I hate it when it happens to me.”

Written by Max Martin, Rami Jakub, and Alexander Kronlund, Lucky reached number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2000. This time, Swift accompanied Big Red Machine for one of three songs recently taken off the band’s second full-length album, How Long Do You Think It Gonna Last? This kit will be released on August 27 via Jagjaguwar/37d03d.

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In the song “New Yorker,” written by Ronan Farrow and Gia Tolentino, Love describes his former manager Sam Lutfi, who served in the same capacity as Spears circa 2007, as a “street bully.”

Love later greeted Farrow and Tolentino on Twitter and wrote, “It was an honor to speak to such an honest person. She added to the post, “#freebritneyarmy did your thing.” Check out the Lucky Love Spears cover underneath.

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