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King Monada And Mahaji Are Arguing Over A Song To Change The Owner Of The Song,” Said Monada.

King Monada And Mahaji Are Arguing Over A Song To Change The Owner Of The Song,” Said Monada.

King Monada and Mahaji

Key Sentence:

  • Maharaji Mumbai has been on social media for a quarrel with a fellow artist by Limpopo King Monad.

The Matorokisi star took to Facebook and posted a statement saying he is the owner of the song “Ghana,” which went viral before its official release on social media. “Many people ask me about the song ‘Ghanama.’ ‘Ghanama’ is my song, my concept, and melody with Raja Monad and Prince Benz in rhythm. I wrote the song after I recorded Monad’s ‘Monado,'” said Makhadzi. in a statement.

The King of Monada did not take this statement lightly. He also contacted Facebook to record it live and explained that Mahaji couldn’t claim the song when they both operated moving it together and took part in Benz.

I saw a lot of people questioning who owns the song ‘Panama. “I sent Mahaji a project to sing for me. He told me it was challenging for him to work on this project and asked for more beats. “Even so, he didn’t send me anything about this project until he came to my studio. Then we made a song and the deal ,was “Panama” was me and Mahaji’s song with Benza. I don’t know who he met after that and decided to change the owner of the song,” said Monada.

Even on the Facebook page where he promoted the song, Monada said the song was from him and Mahaji with Benza. But that changed on Tuesday night when Monada posted a status on Facebook saying, “King of Monada’ Ghanama’ with Makhadzi and Prince Benza will be leaving soon.”

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That statement and the live video of Monada wreaked havoc. Shortly after, Mahaji also made a live video calling Monada a manipulator who treated him like a dog. With this expression on his face, he is trying to trick you. He uses it to manipulate people into believing he is a good person.

“He didn’t want to give me the benefits I deserved. I found the melody, and on top of that, it didn’t create the rhythm. “How do you have a song until you compose it?” You don’t compose a melody, just a verse. And now you want to have that song,” Mahajan said.

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