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Dua Lipa Endured Intense “Pressure” To Succeed With The Second Album.

Dua Lipa Endured Intense “Pressure” To Succeed With The Second Album.

Dua Lipa

Key Sentence:

  • Dua Lipa rejected her criticisms except for negativity, and their focus is to make “Future Nostalgia” the best album ever.

The “Levitating” hitmaker revealed he was told “He wasn’t good enough” and had a significant burden on his shoulders to make a successful second studio album. And instead of collapsing under pressure, the Grammy winner strives to be the best in his field.

In an interview on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, she said, “It was just the pressure. “People just tell me that I’m not good enough or that I don’t deserve it or something.” “And I’m going to make sure I get this album the way I want it. And I will focus on being great at everything I do. “

Dua proved his critics wrong when disco topped the charts for reviving disco in 15 countries, was nominated for a Mercury Award, and named British Album of the Year at the BRIT 2021 Awards. However, the 25-year-old pop superstar is not complacent.

He said, “You want to show that you’re here to stay, and you want to show that it’s not just an album or a big song or something. “I just wanted to earn sure that this time I was in control of making music.

“Then I will practice. And then when I step in and do the show, they’ll all be great. “I’m going to explain to people that I can do it, and I’m here to stay.” While ruling the pop world, Dua recently announced that she is aiming for a film career.

The “New Rules” hitmaker was “fascinated and enthusiastic” by the idea of ​​building on the experience she gained from working on her music video but didn’t want to jump into a starring role. However, when asked about the opportunity to get into film acting, he said, “I think I want to do it; it’s something I want to explore and understand, maybe in a small part first.

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“I feel a little more confident. I’ve played a bit here and there, so… I feel like I’ve found the acting side in music videos. I was pretty intrigued and worried about the opportunity to do something different at some point. “

For her video “Love Again,” Dua is very passionate about being a cowgirl. He said, “I loved it; it was so much fun. I want to try different things. “[Stylist] Lorenzo and I had just worked well together; when we first started the idea, I became a hunch this was going to grow, develop and become something we love so much. “We had a lot of fun. I enjoyed my character that day.”

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