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After The Death Of The Legendary South African Singer, She Is Aiming For A Film Career.

After The Death Of The Legendary South African Singer, She Is Aiming For A Film Career.

South African singer,

Key Sentence:

  • The tribute will be donated to the late legendary singer and songwriter Steve Kekana and songwriter Dr . Steve Kekana.
  • The experienced artist died in the early hours of Thursday, July 1, at 63.

The SABC confirmed that he had died from Covid-related complications. Kekana rose to prominence in the 80s with her hit duet with the late Nana Coyote, Take Your Love and Keep It. Apart from being a musician, Kekana also worked as a licensed lawyer and was awarded an honorary doctorate in philosophy by Unisa in 2020.

Celebrities such as Robert Marava and Lebo M and Kekana fans paid tribute to the veteran singer on social media. “What a fantastic voice he has. He is resurrected from a love for this song and its plays, plus vocal performances by himself and the late Nana Coyote Motiyoan.

May Bra Steve Kekana’s humble soul rest in peace.” RIPSteveKekana, “ Marava wrote on Twitter. “Eish Bra Steve. Thanks for the music, joy, and journey, Grootman #ripstevekekana ip”, wrote SoIPh African producer and composer Lebo M.”

“Then I will practice. And then when I step in and do the show, they’ll all be great. “I’m going to explain to people that I can do it, and I’m here to stay.” While ruling the pop world, Dua recently announced that she is aiming for a film career.

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Ripstevekekana. You are not disabled. But you can do it in another way. I met you for the first time when I was in Sibongile at g6 2016, a positive symbol towards us blind people. You are a great singer advocate. Who has lost as a blind brotherhood #ripstevekekana? You are an inspiration to us; You are our daily motivation People trust us because of your achievements. The rest is up to us #ripstevekekana,” said a fan.

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