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Seungri Denies Involvement In The Burning Sun Scandal, “I Don’t Know Anything.”

Seungri Denies Involvement In The Burning Sun Scandal, “I Don’t Know Anything.”

Seungri denies

Key Sentence:

  • “I have to admit it’s true because the woman’s testimony says that.
  • However, former Big Bang member Seungri dismissed the accusations against him for allegedly taking part in the blazing sun scandal.

Song was initially indicted on eight separate charges in 2020 and indicted by the South Korean military prosecution in January 2021 on additional charges of inciting violence.

At the trial on June 30, Maeil Kyungje reported, Seungri denied many of these charges, including brokerage services and prostitution, illegal hidden camera recording, routine gambling, and embezzlement.

Responding to allegations of prostitution, Seungri accused himself of not being fully aware of the following incident. “I didn’t know anything and found out during the investigation,” he said after Soompi’s translation.

“I don’t remember [the fact of prostitution] at all, but I have to admit it’s true because of the testimony of women who said so,” added the 30-year-old former K-pop idol. “But when I read the statement after I was indicted, it was too unreliable. I was young and popular at the time, so I couldn’t afford to keep in touch with people.”

The trial of the former singer in the Burning Sun scandal began in September 2020. His business partner Yoo In Suk, who is the CEO of Yuri Holdings and sued on the exact charges as Seungri, pleaded guilty in January 2020 and was found guilty. Up to 1 year, eight months in prison, and three years probation in a civil court.

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Seungri – the natural name Lee Seung-Hyun – is a K-pop boy band Big Bang and a businessman who owns the Burning Sun nightclub. The site of the controversy in 2019, which contained allegations of rape and the use of spy cameras, the club also participated in several big names in the Korean entertainment industry.

Apart from Seungri, CNBLUE singers Jung Joon-young and Lee Jong Hyun and former Highlight member Yong Jun-Hyung have also been linked to the controversy.

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