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S.COUPS SEVENTEEN To Stop Activities After A Shoulder Injury Prevent Him From “Overwhelming” Himself.

S.COUPS SEVENTEEN To Stop Activities After A Shoulder Injury Prevent Him From “Overwhelming” Himself.


Key Sentence:

  • The idol also suffered “additional abrasions and wounds on the forehead, ear, and right chin.”
  • The SEVENTY members and the head of the group S.COUPS will participate in the promotional activities next week.

Set Injury to Shoulder. In a statement posted on Twitter, the boy’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, revealed that the rapper-singer was on the 30th. The idol also suffered “blisters and additional cuts on the forehead, ear, and right forehead.

Chin”, but the wound has now healed. After a medical examination, doctors advised him to minimize the movement of his shoulder for some time until, fortunately, his daily activities were not affected,” Pledis added. “S.COUPS is currently resting and recuperating to ensure there is no inflammation at the site of his injury.”

S.COUPS will not be able to participate in “Your Choice” promotions next week, including participation in South Korean music television programs and fan signing events. However, the agency assured fans that they would continue to monitor his recovery to prevent him from “overwhelming” himself.

“We apologize to all the fans who have been waiting for SEVEN and ask for your generous understanding. We will provide treatment and recovery as the highest priority so that S.COUPS can return to you in full health,” the S.COUPS statement added. The second member of SEDMATINA whose album promotional activities were minimized due to an injury.

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Earlier this month, The8’s co-worker suffered an ankle injury. SEVENTEEN recently returned with the 8th mini album “Your Choice,” featuring the title track “Ready To Love.” In a glowing four-star review, NME’s Puah Ziwei said that “[the boy band] experimented with their musicality [on recordings] … proving that the band has not lost its connection or creative streak.”

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