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MNEK Requires A “Foreign Distorted Choice” In Music Person Doing What I Do, The Way I Do.”

MNEK Requires A “Foreign Distorted Choice” In Music Person Doing What I Do, The Way I Do.”

foreign distorted choice

Key Sentence:

  • MNEK wants to see a” foreign colored voice” in the music industry like him.

The makers of “Head and Heart” have written several songs for great artists, including Madonna and Beyonce, but would like to see more black LGBTQ+ men and women as successful as she is.

He said, “It’s weird to give myself that title, but I’m funny. I’m black. I’m successful. “I have successfully written and produced with many artists and sang on hit singles. “If that means I’m the most successful person or one of the most successful people of color in this country right now… but I know that I don’t want to be the only one doing what I do, the way I do.”

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MNEK knew he had “so much talent out there” and wanted to see the “otherwise” scenario.

On the Gordo Apple Music Radio Show, he added, “There’s so much talent out there, why can’t we all be here and party and be successful and all make money and change the world in some way, anyway? “I think we can afford to have more voices, voices of foreign color in music that can change the rules and turn the script around.”

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Meanwhile, the 26-year-old songwriter recently revealed that he’s happy not to be the “face or voice” of the music he’s working on. He said, “I focus more on backstage stuff. I’m also on the new Sleepwalkers dance song called ‘More Than Words,’ which came out a few weeks ago. That’s good too. Relax, now I’m at a place where I enjoy making music.

“So it doesn’t matter if I’m his face, whether it’s the voice behind him or something.”

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