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Lana Crusher calls South Africa to help her come to New York.

Lana Crusher calls South Africa to help her come to New York.

Lana crowster

Key Sentence:

  • South African singer, producer, and music teacher Lana Croster has started a fundraising campaign to fulfill her lifelong dream of studying at New York University.
  • The funds raised are used to finance two years of training.

For Crowder, studying in New York would allow him to fulfill another of his passions – bringing new musicians back into the local scene. “I was supposed to go to school in September 2019 but couldn’t attend due to lack of funds and sponsors,” the star revealed. But, he added, “Fortunately, the New York University Admissions Board approved the postponement, which means they have retained my place for September 2020.

“Still, I’m determined to start studying in 2021, and Back A Buddy would be a great way to raise as much money as possible for this cause.” With a career crossing more than a couple of decades, the musician, who lives in Cape Town, has acknowledged through research, seminars, and discussions that young South African artists “do not have a clear understanding of the music business, their rights as artists and their standards. “. Business Practices”.

Lana Krister. Photo: provided

“All of this together results in a successful and financially viable career in the arts, but unfortunately, South African schools and universities don’t attach much importance to this, so I’m aiming for this Master’s degree.”

“I look forward to learning about foreign business practices in the creative industries and finding ways to combine them with what I have learned over my years as a professional musician. “My goal is to yield this information to young artists, especially young women so that they can move through the industry without too many mistakes. “I wanted to give young artists the resources to live a long life as part of their career in the music industry.”

The singer recently released his new single, Fake, from his latest album, Subconscious. Commenting on his latest advice, Crusher said, “‘Fake’ is a song I wrote about our generation’s tendency to give in to what people think of us instead of accepting who we are.

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“It serves as a reminder that our true selves deserve love, kindness, and respect.” Crusher started his career at the age of six.

She then founded South Africa’s first professional group of 20 women, The Lady Day Big Band, which was formed to “create contacts through music, increase the representation of women in the music industry and normalize female musicians.”

Fake is currently available for streaming on all digital platforms. For more information on crowdfunding, see Back A Buddy.

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