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Curren$y Remembers Meeting Diddy ‘High Stories’ With Wiz Khalifa For Jay-Z’s Monogram Series.

Curren$y Remembers Meeting Diddy ‘High Stories’ With Wiz Khalifa For Jay-Z’s Monogram Series.


Key Sentence:

  • Candid film from Curren$y’s new visual mission for JAY-Z’s cannabis organization MONOGRAM.
  • Catches the New Orleans-reared MC relating a portion of his generally meaningful and engaging, high occasions with craftsmen like Wiz Khalifa, and that’s just the beginning.

In scene six of the HIGH TALES video arrangement for MONOGRAM, Curren$y torches numerous bat-sized cone joints. While quickly retracting a triplet of hypnotizing foggy high undertakings like the time he and Wiz Khalifa smoked up in a Las Vegas weed stunt before sporting legitimization was law and order.

“Me and Wiz, right when we sort of resembled considering going all in the game we, uh were at the MGM, you know we’re at the Palms,” Spitta got going will puffing on a seething cone. “Wiz had effectively had the possibility that any place I was at weed was legitimate.

He resembled, ‘Brother, I don’t know what, well on the off chance that you appear, the weed is legitimate.’ So I reached, ‘It dawg.’ And we lit that muthafucka in the club and went through that crap — and individuals were looking, and the security like they neck was poor. Yet, man didn’t get his walkie-talkie, and afterward, he just resembled, ‘Muthafucka,’ however.”

Curren$y additionally expounded on the time he chanced upon REVOLT TV CEO Sean “Diddy” Combs at Texas performance SXSW after he started a joint of some great and the Bad Boy originator continued to track him down.

“Everyone has weed these days since it’s so mainstream,” he said. “A few groups don’t have a clue why they’re smoking it yet if you can smell something slicing through the room. You realize that that individual is of a specific material and did whatever it had whatever they needed to do to get that pack. You understand what I’m saying.

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So you realize who you’re managing as I know, I know that is how I met Puff Daddy I met Diddy like that at screwing SXSW on account of the joint that I lit up.” Curren$y proceeded after momentarily stopping to reignite his spliff. “You realize I’m saying.

As en route to perform, I like as I was strolling through and he was I’m precisely planned to accomplish something different at the Fader For or something like to do some real Diddy poop yet resembled, ‘Nah where’s that train going.’ And then went to the side stage watched the entire set then we got off he reached, ‘You got a greater amount of that poo?’ like, ‘Definitely,’ then, at that point, he resembled — however you gotta look at this.”

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