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Right Here’s The One Rapper Big Daddy Kane Wants To War In Versus No Gimmicks.

Right Here’s The One Rapper Big Daddy Kane Wants To War In Versus No Gimmicks.

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Key Sentence:

  • Classic Hip Hop fans have been clamoring for a Big Daddy Kane and Rakim Verzuz.
  • Since last August when the blessed “God MC” shared an Instagram post prodding the thought.

While nothing at any point happened as expected, the two Hip Hop pioneers were brought together throughout the end of the week for a Juneteenth festivity in Pittsburgh, where they carried their famous index to the stage.

During a new meeting with, Big Daddy Kane was asked whether he’d at any point consider doing a Verzuz occasion with Rakim and coincidentally uncovered the one MC he’d bounce in the ring with for a real fight.

“On the off chance that we can get it to occur with KRS-One and me, I would prefer it’s anything but a fight design,” the Juice Crew legend said. “On the off chance that it will be Rakim and me, we should take care of business with the music.

Do you understand what I mean? I don’t consider him to be a fight rapper. So I figure it is wiser to get it done with simply the music if it will be him and me. However, KRS is a fight rapper, so that it will be him and me. So I figure we ought to make the music for the fans yet additionally do a couple of rounds of fight rap.”

KRS-One has glided the thought previously, yet he says it’s eventually up to Big Daddy Kane when it would go down on the off chance. Addressing AllHipHop in March, KRS-One point by point a discussion he had with the prepared fight rapper at some point last year.

“So we here talking at the Mike Epps thing that we did at some point last year, and we’re here talking,” he said. “He says, ‘So what we ought to do is come out with this fight and you several melodies, I a few tunes and afterward we do a free-form.’ I said, ‘Kane, you sure you wanna do that? ‘Cause I’m not going easy, my G. I’m going in.”

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Kane answered, “Pfft, I ain’t terrified of you. I haven’t been terrified of you. So what you think this is?” The Long Live, The Kane MC, posted the clasp on Instagram and wrote in the subtitle, “This is the reason I love and regard KRS One. Genuine fight rappers got sure and presumptuous energy.

YOU HAVE TO HAVE THAT!!! No doubt, we gotta make this happen.”Big Daddy Kane has been occupied in the background chipping away at another Netflix narrative called Paragraphs I Manifest. After posting an Instagram photograph of himself with his arm around JAY-Z on June 5, gossipy tidbits about looming cooperation started getting out and about via online media. However, DX before long affirmed Kane was essentially meeting the Roc Nation head honcho for the forthcoming narrative.

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