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Epik Excessive Is Here For You The Hip-Hop Trio Carved An Area For Themselves In The South Korean Mainstream.

Epik Excessive Is Here For You The Hip-Hop Trio Carved An Area For Themselves In The South Korean Mainstream.


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  • With their tenth album, they’re paving the ground for different artists, too.

We were irregularities when we began,” says Tablo of the Korean hip-bounce triplet Epik High, which he leads. A Stanford graduate whose given name is Daniel Lee, he wears a dark cap and coordinating hoodie on the furthest edge of a Zoom call, radiating a laid-back, unassuming air that misrepresents his status as a South Korean hotshot.

Even though rap and hip-jump have gotten imbued in the entirety of the nation’s significant fly from BTS to Big Bang to Blackpink. Epik High was a pioneer when they framed in 2001, blending rapid vocal conveyances with apparently unique components as a troublemaker and traditional when the sound was viewed as a specialty.

“As time went on and others began trying different things with various sounds in hip-jump, we turned out to be more acknowledged,” he discloses to MTV News.

Made out of Tablo, individual rapper Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz, Epik High specialty-specific. Socially cognizant verses that tackle points going from separation and class battle to religion and legislative issues. Exposing them to discussion surprisingly altogether boycotts throughout the long term.

However, that crude legitimacy has just energized their prosperity: All of Epik High’s recently delivered collections have diagrammed No. 1 on the South Korean iTunes hip-jump outline. As well as arriving at No. 1 on Billboard’s World Albums graph in 2014, they turned into the principal significant Korean demonstration to perform at Coachella in 2016.

Presently the business veterans are back with the primary portion of their two-section 10th collection, Epik High Is Here, each part of which they dealt with like a film creation. “Each melody is a scene,” Tablo says, as in plain view in the artistic, rambling organization of “Apocalypse” and the great picture of contemporary society “Leica.”

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That technique reaches out to their colleagues, incorporating the mainstream South Korean rappers Zico and CL, just as commitments from arising stateside gifts, similar to the artist-musician Hayley Gene Penner, whose composing credits include tracks Chicks and The Chainsmokers.

“The specialists resemble character entertainers, and we’re in the chief’s seat,” Tablo adds. “We know precisely what we need for the scene and who might be the best entertainer to convey that scene.”

The subsequent assortment is a genuine epic, the account of joint efforts and motivations unavoidably molded by the Covid pandemic, including the actual title. However, while the melodies manage solemn melodious subjects of trouble, outrage, and disarray, the collection’s central message is one expectation — and impression of Tablo’s conviction that assuming the whole world is aggregately encountering excruciating feelings, it can join in reasonable suppositions, as well.

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