Ouija Boy Shamelessly Hits On Kim Kardashian Amid Kanye West Divorce.

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Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Key Sentence:

  • Since Kim Kardashian will be Kanye West’s ex, Soulja Boy doesn’t see the damage in shooting his shot with the unscripted tv star.
  • On Thursday (June 17), Kardashian transferred a progression of Instagram photographs of herself on the tennis court wearing only a bralette and clothing.

She wrote in the inscription, “Tennis anybody!?” Upon seeing this, Soulja Boy re-shared her support on Twitter and improperly answered, “I wanna play.”

I want to play — Soulja Boy (Big Draco) (@souljaboy) on June 17, 2021

When somebody in the remark segment raised Ray J, who was the headliner in Kardashian’s notorious sex tape. Someone else pulled up an old photograph of Soulja Boy presenting with Kim Kardashian and facetiously said, “Let’s get straight to the point @souljaboy first in all things.”

Let’s get straight to the point @souljaboy first in everything— 9 followed Saiyan (@neonbelly6116) June 17, 2021

Kim Kardashian and the remainder of the Kardashian-Jenner tribe wrapped up the last period of their unscripted TV drama Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

During a new gathering scene, Andy Cohen raised the spilled sex tape, and Kardashian conceded she wished it wasn’t out there yet also perceived the show probably wouldn’t have been as famous without it.

“Fortunately, I believe that such countless years have gone on thus numerous things have happened inspiration that it truly deletes that,” she said. “That is something that I need to live with for the remainder of my life. However, it’s something that is being held over my head.”

She added, “I make an effort not to have any second thoughts. However, it’s most likely the one thing I wish didn’t exist. On the off chance that I could eradicate any of the dumb things that I’ve done throughout everyday life, that is likely it. Also, it’s all the more so from being a mom.”Elsewhere in the scene, Kardashian momentarily addressed why she chose to seek legal separation from Kanye in February.

“I sincerely don’t figure I would even say it here on TV, yet it dislikes something explicit that occurred on one or the other part,” Kardashian said. “I think it’s anything but an overall distinction of feelings on a couple of things that prompted this choice, and not the slightest bit would I need somebody to figure I didn’t give it my everything or I didn’t attempt.”

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