American Rappers Are Lucky: Cambodian Rappers Are Given 18 Months To Be Released From Power.

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American rappers are lucky
American rappers are lucky

Key Sentence:

  • While American rappers, along with YG and Nipsey Hussle, have the freedom to appoint future presidents in the FDT (Donald Trump’s Fuck) case.
  • Cambodian artists don’t have the same luxury of attacking authorities without time behind bars.

According to Radio Free Asia, a Cambodian court on Wednesday (June 16) upheld Kea Sokun’s 18-month sentence after being arrested in September 2020 to criticize the government. The 23-year-old rapper was sentenced in December for “inciting crime or causing social unrest” under Article 495 of the Cambodian Penal Code.

Kia Sokun was arrested for his lyrics in “Khmer Land” and “Sad Race,” whose music previously garnered 4 million views on YouTube while discussing Chinese investment in Cambodia, state suppression of rights, and the Cambodia-Vietnam border.

After nine months, he had to be released, and the remainder of his sentence served probation in the following months. In response to the rejected appeal, Kea’s father, Sokun Fal Kea, said, “We believe the appeals court will cut costs or shorten the detention period, but the court upheld the decision. We are very excited.

I am discouraged because it is so unfair; I can’t believe the court upheld this decision. The American Bar Association said the case was part of a more significant trend for the Cambodian government to suppress opposing views.

“While Sokun’s case raises concerns about his right to a fair trial and freedom of expression, it is not a nuisance in Cambodia,” the ABA document said. “This is one of many recent crackdowns on young activists by the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP). In recent years, the Cambodian government has tightened restrictions on civil rights and liberties, and its efforts to close down civil spaces have increased rapidly.

Although YG did not receive a prison sentence for “FDT (Donald Trump’s Fuck),” enforcement intervened to censor the song and other songs on his album Still Brazy.

“The Secret Service called it Universal, and it was like, ‘Send me lyrics to a YG album because we have to see what he’s talking about,'” suggested Compton rapper DJ Whoo Kid on his 2016 Whoolywood Shuffle podcast with “FDT” on the album’s melodic elements.

Which I have to clarify. Then on the next song, “Blacks & Browns,” when Sad Boy spit – he said some shit closer to Donald Trump – they heard it, and we had to replace or remove it, so we put a static sound on it from this. “

He introduced: “But yes, it has become a reality. Always for a reason, John F. Kennedy was assassinated; they can’t have people promoting Trump’s assassination, Trump’s shooting, Pop Trump’s, and all that. And we have this kind of track in the melody. “

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