Stevie Soprano is the Young Don of the Rap Game

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Stevie Soprano might be considered a youngster to some in hip hop, but he has already proclaimed himself as the Don of rap music. Considering that Soprano actually is of Sicilian descent, it may be challenging for some other young rapper to strip him of that title. Named Stephen Yanni at birth, Stevie Soprano is one of the grandchildren of the infamous Michael Yanni. Michael Yanni was a mob boss in the 1970s and maintained control over Philadelphia’s black market for years. Stevie Soprano aspires to be like his grandfather by manipulating the rap game as opposed to the mob.  Soprano sports the clean-cut look of any of the cast members of Goodfellas, but rather than compose a song for the cabaret, Soprano is more inclined to spit a few bars. Legendary 90s rap artists like Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and LL Cool J serve as Soprano’s main inspiration to become a musician. Soprano asserts that underground rap music produced in the 90s embodies true hip hop, and that is the style of music that he aims to create. In order to promote himself, Soprano has tracked down celebrities like Sway, Fat joe, and 50 Cent so that he could prove to them how talented he is musically. Soprano has gotten the opportunity to perform at major events including the ASCAP EXPO in Hollywood, and he opened for Michael Blackson at the Carolines on Broadway comedy club.  Stevie Soprano asserts that he is a one of a kind type of artist, and once enough people are exposed to his music he will be remembered forever. Soprano already has about 14 songs which are available on all major streaming platforms. Currently, he wants his followers to get a feel for who he really is and his style as an artist; therefore, none of Soprano’s songs have any features. Hip hop heads around the world should stay tuned for Stevie Soprano’s next big release.

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